What people say

01. Real Talk

AthleteTalk combines the key features of popular social media platforms to make working on your wellness game attractive to athletes. By utilizing thought-provoking images, followed by an abbreviated discussion, and a short exercise using AthleteTalk starts to feel like using the weight room! 

Athletes have little time between games, practices, conditioning, family social life and academics. AthleteTalk delivers wellness content that athletes will want to fit into their schedules.

Former UT Football Athlete Patrick Hudson Former UT Football Athlete
“I wish that I had AthleteTalk when I was a college athlete - especially when I was injured.”
University of New Orleans Rebecca Applet University of New Orleans
“One of our student athletes read a quote on the feed, called me, and said it really spoke to her at a time when she really needed it.”
NCCU Dr. Ingrid Wicker- McCree NCCU
“I love the app! Great topics and information and I really like journal feature.”
Colgate Meghan Kovac Colgate
“I have heard from some studentathletes and have gotten great responses.”
Eastern Illinois Athlete Meni G McCrohan Eastern Illinois Athlete
"So far it’s amazing it’s a great tool that helps me manage my emotions. I love the interactive and journaling aspect of the app.You have a great product that will benefit every athlete!!"

02. Get in Touch

AthleteTalk is a mental health and wellness app that uses image-based posts and multiple-day plans, as well as videos, designed to engage athletes in thought and action exercises. Contact us to schedule a demo.