Mental Health Advocacy for Men: ‘It’s a crisis’

April 13th, 2024

Dan Hurley has captivated college basketball fans for years, most recently leading the UConn Huskies to consecutive national championships almost with ease. But part of the allure of Hurley lies in his reliability.

In an interview with OutKick’s “Don’t @ Me with Dan Dakich”, Hurley spoke out about the importance of prioritizing mental health, especially with men.

“Being vulnerable about things, I think it shows true strength,” Hurley, who has been open about his own struggles, said Friday.

“You have an opportunity here – for me as a man and as somebody that pushes himself and somebody that’s in his 50s now and understands a lot more than he did when he was younger – just how you need to continually work on yourself and take care of yourself. Whether that’s by what you read or what you listen to in terms of podcasts and books and mindfulness practices.”

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