AthleteTalk, LLC will partner with Norfolk State University (NSU) Athletics

San Antonio, TX (July 11th, 2022) – AthleteTalk, LLC will partner with Norfolk State University (NSU) Athletics to provide AthleteTalk – a mental health and wellness app – to all Spartan student-athletes. In addition to providing Spartan student-athletes with the AthleteTalk app, AthleteTalk, LLC. will also provide access to monthly virtual mental health wellness talks and mental health professional development opportunities for coaches.

“I’m excited to partner with Athlete Talk to continue to provide resources for our student-athletes to reach optimal performance. By their nature, athletes are overachievers in some aspect of their athletic, personal and career journey. Balancing their emotional, psychological, and social well-being is essential to managing their overall mental health. This app is just one tool we will provide that will allow them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.” – Melody Webb, Norfolk State University, Athletic Director

AthleteTalk utilizes a social media wellness feed, multi-day wellness plans, wellness videos, and more to engage athletes in mental health “workouts”. AthleteTalk combines these key features to normalize mental health, break the stigma around mental health, and compel athletes to work on their mental health and wellness.

“A partnership with Norfolk State University Athletics, around mental health and wellness is an incredible opportunity. Athletic Director Webb has expressed and demonstrated a vested interest in the mental health and well-being of NSU athletes and coaches. With Melody’s vast experience, in all aspects of athletics, we will be able to integrate AthleteTalk into the appropriate spaces within NSU athletics. At the end of the day, we want to help Athletic Director Webb, Dr. Rich, and Ms. Gresham strengthen the mental health and wellness of Spartan college athletes – and enhance their ability to win academically, socially, and athletically” – Emmett L. Gill, Jr., Founder AthleteTalk, LLC.