Mental Health, Coaching & Social Justice Organizations Partner for March into Mental Health ’23

San Antonio, TX (February 17th 2023) – Cutler Wellness Programs, Wellness U., Behind the Whistle, Advancement of Blacks in Sports (ABIS), AthMindset®, PA4WN™Lab, and AthleteTalk are partnering to produce March into Mental Health ’23.

#Marchintomentalhealth is a one-week “event” to highlight mental health and wellness at all levels of women’s and men’s college basketball. The goal of this effort is twofold – first to highlight the unique mental health issues pertinent to men’s and women’s college basketball and secondly to encourage college basketball coaches and their teams to engage in mental health check-ins as we approach the end of the season and conference tournaments. Beginning on February 27th 2023 these seven national organizations will produce:

Three daily mental health & wellness messages via Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
Two podcasts on Sleep & Rest and Name, Image & Likeness & Financial Health.
Webinar: “Navigating the Transitions in College Basketball: Athlete Mental Health and Economic Opportunities” Wednesday, March 1, at 7 pm EST via zoom.Beyond the perceptions of NIL are some harsh realities and uncertainties student-athletes, coaches, administrators, and families are navigating. This 60-minute webinar will presentthe impacts of the Division I Transformation Committee Report, a panel discussion between key stakeholders in collegiate athletics on the mental health toll of transitions, and recommendations for achieving holistic mental health responses to the pressures of this new era of sports.
#Marchintomentalhealth will launch on February 26th 2023 with a “Tip-Off” featuring the founders from all six organizations in a conversation about college athlete mental health. In addition to the mental health messaging, podcasts, and webinar #Marchintomentalhealth will challenge college coaches to engage in a “mental health check-in” with their teams and post their check-ins (and/or other mental health content) on their social media with the hashtag #Marchintomentalhealth.

The effort will culminate on March 5th, 2023, but throughout March to Mental Health will include a “Call for Activation” challenging all college basketball coaches & teams to invest in one mental health check-in, post about the experience and use the #Marchintomentalhealth. The post with the most likes will win a mental health webinar/consultation/talk and access to a mental health video seminar.

For college basketball coaches, student-athletes, and teams (at all levels) who want to join the challenge please contact #Marchintomentalhealth at info@whereathletestalk.com.

Cutler Wellness Programs offers a 4 Pillar Athlete MH LINK System: Athlete focused MH Education for all levels of the Sport-ecosystem; Systematic Consultation; Athlete-centric Clinical & Sport Performance Professionals; & Technology. All designed to increase MH Literacy, Reduce Stigma & Increase use of MH Resources. For more, see www.athletementalhealthlink.com

Wellness U. is a comprehensive mental wellness platform and mobile app designed to address the needs of students and student-athletes. By bringing together the latest research in data science, social science, and wellness, Wellness U aims to create environments that help students and student-athletes unlock their full potential and provide valuable insights to university administrators and mental health professionals.

Behind the Whistle cultivates ancestor architects by teaching the value of human development, promoting virtue over victory, and building confidence through connectivity and compassion. For more, see https://www.behindthewhistle.net. Twitter: @behindwhistle IG: @behindwhistle

Advancement of Blacks in Sports (ABIS) is a non-profit organization with a mission to boldly advocate for a culture of equity and inclusion that results in the advancement of racial, economic, and social justice for Blacks in sports. ABIS members include coaches, administrators, athletes at all sports levels, academicians, civil rights attorneys, social justice influencers, diversity, equity, inclusion allies, and advocates. For more, see www.weareabisevents.org. Twitter & Instagram: @WeAreABIS

AthMindset® is a team of racially and culturally diverse mental health clinicians and mental performance consultants, with lived experience in sports. We serve youth, collegiate, Olympic/Olympic-hopefuls, and professional athletes, both nationally and internationally. Our mission is to strengthen the mental health of athletes and the entire ecosystem, while also providing the opportunity and professional development for practitioners to serve the populations that they are passionate about. Learn more here: https://www.athmindset.io Instagram: @Athmindset.io Twitter: @AthMindset_io

PA4WN™Lab is a social enterprise comprised of imperfect curators working towards an athletic ecosystem that equitably honors the dignity of all members. We convert moments at the intersection of business, sports, and community into learning movements that Prepare Athletes for What’s Next (PA4WN™). Take action with us, www.pa4wn.org Instagram: @PA4WN

AthleteTalk, LLC. provides mental health and wellness tools for athletic departments and sports organizations, including the AthleteTalk app, mental health presentations, mental health infrastructure audits, and presentations/training for athletes, coaches, and administrators. For more, see www.whereathletestalk.com. Twitter @AthleteTalk6 & Instagram @whereathletestalk