New NCAA Mental Health Best Practices

January 10th, 2024

The NCAA Board of Governors approved an updated version of the Mental Health Best Practices document that all member schools will be required to follow, effective Aug. 1. The board met Wednesday at the NCAA Convention in Phoenix.

As part of Division I’s holistic student-athlete model, Division I schools will be required to attest to providing services and support consistent with the best practices, with the first attestation deadline occurring in November 2025.

Under the NCAA constitution adopted in January 2022, each member school must facilitate an environment that reinforces physical and mental health within athletics by ensuring access to appropriate resources and open engagement with respect to physical and mental health.

Read more: https://www.ncaa.org/news/2024/1/10/media-center-new-ncaa-mental-health-best-practices-approved-for-all-schools-to-follow.aspx