Partnership between AthleteTalk and Charlotte Athletics

March 19th, 2024

Mental health is becoming a central talking point in college athletics. Athlete suicide forced the issue into the spotlight as in 2022, five athletes committed suicide as universities looked to find resources for student-athletes.

A report from Global Sport Matters stated that despite the benefits of sports participation for women student-athletes, the risk of suicide persists. For male student-athletes, the stigma of mental health issues makes it hard for some to ask for help. In a world where conversations about mental health are becoming normalized, athletes are still not talking, as only 10% seek mental health assistance.

Read more: https://www.ninertimes.com/news/partnership-between-athletetalk-and-charlotte-athletics-is-helping-student-athletes-grow-mental-health-literacy/article_5b35db4a-e58c-11ee-9a60-ef6e8b54e0a4.html